• Natasha Rani

Written In Her Fate

They say 35% of women will experience physical or sexual abuse,

Once tying the knot, as though these statistics speak truth.

Whilst professionals collate data for the next report to go out,

I think of all the women who are too afraid to speak out..

For me, it’s a constant battle to sit and remain quiet,

When growing up in a culture, that isn’t really black or white.

It’s a different law in your life because whatever dad says goes,

I see divorce rates grow around me, but the brown ones don’t show.

Because the communities opinions mean more than the ones from a daughter.

People are quick to talk but not so quick to support us.

I’m asking, how is honour based violence still so prominent?

Because men are being stripped of their power, so they play on their dominance.

And I don’t think I can hear about one more fatality,

That has been put down to an unstable man’s mentality.

Because it’s a consistent cycle of breaking the taboos of mental health,

And instead of teaching boys of colour to spend their lives flaunting wealth,

Let’s teach them to flaunt their characters that treat women well,

Instead of teaching them to preach to free their boys from jail.

Because what are we raising if this generation isn’t changing?

Girls marrying half grown men and we expect them to be staying.

Arranging marriages as though it’s normal to sign your life away to a stranger,

That could impose potential rape, abuse and so much more danger.

So many women sit up and shut up and live their lives in the darkness,

Women with potential that were never given any chances.

And who’s to say that thousands of females haven’t been killed in their homes?

Because of the way they’ve spoken back or had too much skin that’s on show.

When they’ve finally found their voices and spoken back instead,

Coming with the real facts but they’ve ended up dead.

No one’s reported them missing because communities pretend,

That all is well and they start the search to find a new girl for him again.

And maybe one day we will break from repeated historical events,

And when someone asks how we’re doing, we won’t have to pretend.

We will use our voices to teach girls that they can follow their heads,

And instead of falling victim to the system, they can travel instead.

I write this for the women that have felt they did not have a choice,

Who fell victim to situations and within it lost their voice.

It’s said that 35% of women will experience this abuse,

Battered until their bones shatter, too afraid to speak the truth.

Females who have never had the conversation of consent,

Bodies being used as though they were solely made for sex.

I’ve seen families justify this behaviour, just let that resonate.

When all is said and done they’ll say:

“It was written in her fate.”

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