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Starting From The Beginning

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Not All Men But Too Many Women

The conversation sparked by the tragic death of Sarah Everard, has resonated with me so deeply. I can’t quite put my finger on whether it...

Closed Doors Etched With Stories To Tell

Imagine being 5 years old, sat at the top of the staircase listening intently to your parents arguing downstairs. This isn’t just any old...

A Little Check In

I feel like it’s been a while since I put pen to paper and started rambling on about something or another, so here goes. I’ve been in a...

Toxic Relationships

“Sometimes people victimise themselves so they don’t feel guilty for the things they did you.” Let’s set the scene; there’s something...

A Difficult Conversation to Have

I remember being 7 years old in Primary School and a girl told me I couldn’t play with my usual group of friends. I remember sitting on...

How It Feels To Be A Covid-19 Bride

People say that there are a lot of hiccups when planning a wedding, but no one said that a global pandemic would be one of them. It’s...

Living Life In Autopilot

Have you ever driven to work and completely zoned out, and suddenly you’re back in the moment and unsure how you were changing gears, or...

Coping With Anxiety In A Crisis

Sometimes, I feel as though I have been running in a marathon and I'm so close to the finish line. The more I move my legs, the further...

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